A Patchwork of Cultures 2023:

Education Concert

Monday, December 11, 2023

Adat Ari El Synagogue

4th and 5th graders students attending a Patchwork concert cheer with their hands in the air, waiving their red concert programs excitedly.

The Los Angeles Jewish Symphony (LAJS) was proud to present its unique and innovative education program, “A Patchwork of Cultures: The Sephardic-Latino Connection,” at Adat Ari El Synagogue on December 11, 2023.

The LAJS has conducted music education programs for eighteen years, reaching more than 13,000 students. This program explores and celebrates the deep cultural ties that Sephardic Jews share with the people of Latin America and promotes respect for diversity through recognition of these similarities. For example, the language of Sephardic Jews, called Ladino, is very close to Spanish.

700 students from Los Angeles public schools and Jewish day schools came together at this concert after a series of classroom workshops led by LAJS teaching artists in each of the participating schools. A yearly tradition for the LAJS, the concert and workshops are free-of-cost to students and schools and are completely underwritten by grant funding.

“The LA Jewish Symphony, through the program A Patchwork of Cultures: Exploring the Sephardic-Latino Connection, promotes respect for diversity and teaches low-income kids the power of music.”

Stephanie Bradford

Reporter, Univision 34