A Patchwork of Cultures: Breed Street Shul

Thursday, December 14, 2023

Private Event – Breed Street Shul

Co-presented by the Breed Street Shul Project
The front facade of Breed Street Shul.

The Los Angeles Jewish Symphony (LAJS), in collaboration with the Breed Street Shul Project (BSSP), is excited to present two chamber concerts at Breed Street Shul in Boyle Heights as part of the Symphony’s acclaimed education program, A Patchwork of Cultures: Exploring the Sephardic-Latino Connection.

A Patchwork of Cultures explores the deep ties between Sephardic Jews and the people of Latin America, using music to educate young learners about the shared cultural history between the two communities. The concerts will feature an LAJS chamber ensemble performing a Sephardic and Latino repertoire.

These concerts bring A Patchwork of Cultures to the historic Breed Street Shul. Built in 1923, the important Boyle Heights institution fostered a spirit of community for decades among its congregation made up largely of Jewish immigrants. In 1999, Jewish community activists launched the BSSP to revitalize the Shul and transform it into a center of arts, culture, education and service for the current population of Boyle Heights, which is now nearly 95% Hispanic or Latino.

“The LA Jewish Symphony, through the program A Patchwork of Cultures: Exploring the Sephardic-Latino Connection, promotes respect for diversity and teaches low-income kids the power of music.”

Stephanie Bradford

Reporter, Univision 34