A Patchwork of Cultures: Muir United

Thursday, November 16, 2023

Private Event – John Muir Middle School

presented by John Muir Middle School
The front entrance of John Muir Middle School.

The Los Angeles Jewish Symphony (LAJS) was proud to present two live chamber concerts for students at John Muir Middle School during the school’s annual John Muir United event on November 16, 2023. The chamber concerts were part of the Symphony’s acclaimed education program, A Patchwork of Cultures: Exploring the Sephardic-Latino Connection.

John Muir United is a all-day conference on acceptance, understanding, and respect amongst students that focuses on teaching and interacting with students about differences related to race, gender, body image, religion, sexual orientation, ethnicity, ability, and more. The LAJS was proud to be among the 27 presenters spreading a message about the power of diversity and community building.

A Patchwork of Cultures explores the deep ties between Sephardic Jews and the people of Latin America, using music to educate young learners about the shared cultural history between the two communities. The concerts featured an LAJS chamber ensemble performing a Sephardic and Latino repertoire.

“Muir United is more important than ever. Just looking at the news we see so much hate and violence toward others, simply because of their race, religion, ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender identity, or any of the elements of their background and being… Muir United attempts to teach kids that we need to be inclusive of everyone, literally everyone.”

Dr. Greg Miller

Principal, John Muir Middle School

The LAJS chamber ensemble on stage in the cafeteria at John Muir Middle School.