Stories from the Violins of Hope Australian Residency

A moving and pertinent play with live music, Stories from the Violins of Hope, has its Austalia Premiere from Wednesday, May 31 to Sunday, June 18 at Bondi Pavilion Theatre in New South Wales. The story tracks the many violins that were saved during and after World War II by a family of luthiers, the Weinsteins.

The lives of families affected by World War II and the Nazi regime are framed in the fate of their violins. The families cannot speak to us, but the violins’ perpetuation of musical voices gives expression to the fates of Jews from pre-war Germany through to the end of World War II.

Written by Lisa Pearl Rosenbaum and Ronda Spinak, the show’s live music was curated by Maestra Noreen Green, artist-in-residence and musical director for this production.


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