Pesach Extravaganza

Wednesday, February 21, 2018 
Boco Raton, FL

Co-presented by B’nai Torah Congregational Choir
a flyer for the LAJS concert "A World of Jewish Music"

Pesach music is the most beautiful Jewish music of all the holidays.  Four exceptional cantors, along with Varda Spielman and the B’nai Torah Congregational Choir performed with a symphony orchestra for an unprecedented, joyous rendition of your favorite Pesach songs.  We were happy to collaborate once again with celebrated composer Raymond Goldstein, whose “Pesach Cantata” was performed by the LAJS in 2015.

Produced by: Raymond Goldstein, Musical Director

Orchestra Conducted by: Noreen Green, Artistic Director of the Los Angeles Jewish Symphony


a shot of Noreen in action

Dr. Noreen Green

Conductor, Artistic Director

Raymond Goldstein

Raymond Goldstein

Musical Director


Dear Friends, Music and Culture Lovers,
In a few days, we will begin celebrating our 25th Annual Concert Series. This is a special year for another reason as well. Hundreds of fantastic artists have graced our Bimah with their talent, but none have yet performed in honor of Israel’s 70th Birthday.  I can promise you that we’re going to have an amazing celebration, with five outstanding Israeli artists who will help us recognize this occasion. We have put a tremendous amount of effort into the thinking, planning, and production work; many volunteers and professionals have given their time, wisdom and patience to produce an extraordinary season for you, and I thank everyone for that – TODAH!​

On February 21st, Varda is coming to sing the uplifting Pesach music and cantata arranged by Maestro of Chazzanut Raymond Goldstein, joined by me and my 3 exceptional colleagues, Cantors Colin Schachat; Azi Schwartz and Gideon Zelermyer. The conductor of the L.A. Jewish Symphony, Noreen Green, will conduct the Symphonic Orchestra and the B’nai Torah Choir.  Come listen and learn, and sing along, the melodies for our Seder and Pesach. 
We look forward to welcoming you to each and every concert, as you learn a little more about our beloved Jewish State with each new performance. 
See you soon!