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Interview: Dr. Noreen Green, Conductor of the Los Angeles Jewish Symphony on their 30-year history of presenting concerts in L.A.

April 24, 2024

Interview conducted by Shari Barrett, Broadway World

A Moving 30th Anniversary Celebration for the Los Angeles Jewish Symphony

April 17, 2024

Article by John Lavitt, The Hollywood Times

‘Symphony of the Holocaust’: Honoring a Legacy of Music Through Film

April 5, 2024

Article by Bridgette M. Redman, The Acorn

L.A. Jewish Symphony Rings in 30 Years with Concert

March 28, 2024

Article by Beverly Press

Los Angeles Jewish Symphony Announces 30th Anniversary Concert

March 20, 2024

Article by David Salazar, Opera Wire

Los Angeles Jewish Symphony Will Host 30th Anniversary Celebration

March 19, 2024

Article by Stephi Wild, Broadway World 

‘Symphony of the Holocaust’ an emotional journey to joy

January 2, 2024

Article by Jenna Jordan, Spectrum News 1


Building Community, Connections, and Support, with Noreen Green and the Los Angeles Jewish Symphony

December 28, 2023

Interview conducted by Jeremy Cuebas, Podium Time

“Symphony of the Holocaust” Documentary Fulfills Final Wish with a Forgiveness Reminder

December 14, 2023

Article by Marylin Anderson, Splash Magazine

Harmony Amidst Horror: 'Symphony of the Holocaust' Echoes Hope and Resilience

December 8, 2023

Article by Sari Cohen, Hollywood First Look

New 2023 Documentary ‘Symphony of the Holocaust’ submitted for Oscar Consideration for Best Documentary Feature

December 7, 2023

Article by Goody PR, News Wires

167 Documentaries Enter Oscars Doc Race

December 4, 2023

Article by Steve Pond, The Wrap

John Muir United Featured 27 Presenters During This Years Event

November 23, 2023

Article by Rick Assad,


November 9, 2023

Article by KPFP Film Club

The American Prize in Virtual Performance 2023

October 25, 2023

Article by The American Prize

Meet Noreen Green

October 9, 2023

Article by Canvas Rebel

Classic Drive Radio Show

June 1, 2023

Interview conducted by Vanessa Hughes, Australian Broadcasting Corporation News

Stories from the Violins of Hope

June 2023

Article by Carol Wimmer, Stage Whispers

Stories from the Violins of Hope: Giving Voice to the Voiceless

May 24, 2023

Article by Jason Blake, Limelight Magazine

From Holocaust to Bondi: The Violin with a Century of Tales to Tell

May 18, 2023

Article by Jane Cornwell, Weekend Australia

'Violins of Hope' Tell Poignant Stories from Nazi Camps

May 16, 2023

Article by Steve Meacham, Plus 61J Media

The Violins of Hope" Stories from the Holocaust Via the Violins That Were There

May 10, 2023

Article by Jennifer Mills, Australian Broadcasting Corporation News

Stories from the Violins of Hope Opens in Sydney

May 9, 2023

Article by Siobhan Moylan, The Sydney Morning Herald

Stories from the Violins of Hope Comes to Bondi Pavillion in May

March 30, 2023

Article by Stephi WildBroadway World

L.A. Jewish Symphony Highlights Sephardic-Latino Music

March 15, 2023

Article by Beverly Press

Symphony orchestra plays video game scores by Israeli composer in Los Angeles

March 14, 2023

Article by The Jerusalem Post

Untold Holocaust Story “Shanghai Sonatas” to Premiere at The Wallis

March 9, 2023

Article by Clara Harter, Beverly Hills Courier


Starfield Composer Announces US Concert With Symphony

November 17, 2022

Article by Andrew Heaton, GameRant

The Songs and the Stories of the Saved Violins

November 10, 2022

Article by Jessica Abelsohn, Australian Jewish News

Interview with Inon Zur on Syberia: The World Before and More

November 1, 2022

Article by Patrick Gann, RPGFan

The Los Angeles Jewish Symphony and Inon Zur present a world premiere

October 26, 2022

Interview by Kate Remington, Music Respawn (WSHU Public Radio)

Maestra Noreen Green discusses Composer Inon Zur and his upcoming performance with the LA Jewish Symphony

October 24, 2022

Interview by Thor Streingraber, Executive and Artistic Director of The Soraya

Honoring the Turkish-Jewish Maftirim heritage

June 13, 2022

Article by Senem B. Cevik, The Times of Israel

Askina Ashkinah Sakina Shalom

June 13, 2022

Broadcast segment by NTV

YEE held 'Askina' concert at the American Jewish University of Los Angeles

June 13, 2022

Article by Dildar Baykan Atalay & Behlül Cetinkaya, Anadolu Agency

Concert by Yunus Emre Institute at the American Jewish University of Los Angeles

June 13, 2022

Article by NTV

Askina "Ashkina - Sakinah - Shalom" Concert

June 2022

Article by Pam Froman, Valley Scene Magazine

Interview with Gustavo Hernandez

February 2022

Interview for Mañana Latina


Holocaust Instruments Played in Emotional Performance

December 16, 2021

Article by Bethany BrownCrescenta Valley Weekly

"Violins of Hope" Concert Comes to L.A. After Long Pandemic Delay

December 10, 2021

Article by Brian Fishbach, Jewish Journal

Holocaust Instruments to be Played in 'Violins of Hope' Concert

December 2, 2021

Article by Bethany BrownCrescenta Valley Weekly

Return of "Violins of Hope"

December 1, 2021

Interview at Good Day LA

Violins Rescued from the Holocaust Play at “Violins of Hope” at Soraya

November 25, 2021

Article at Valley Vantage

LA Jewish Symphony Play The Violins Of Hope At The Soraya Next Month

November 9, 2021

Article by Stephi Wild, Broadway World

Los Angeles Jewish Symphony To Celebrate ‘Women’s Voices, Women’s Souls’ In Sunday Concert

October 11, 2021

Article at Steve Simmons Writes

Hidden Gems: Meet Noreen Green of Los Angeles Jewish Symphony

September 20, 2021

Interview at Voyage LA

Meet Noreen Green

July 26, 2021

Interview at ShoutOut LA

L.A. Jewish Symphony offers program on cultural connections

July 15, 2021

Article at Beverly Hills Press

Online Play Tells the Story of the Holocaust Violins

April 8, 2021

Article by Patricia Curiel, Milenio

The Story of the Violins that Survived the Holocaust arrives on Streaming

April 8, 2021

Article by Elizabeth Escobar, El Universal
English Translation

A program from The Braid brings stories from survivors of the Holocaust

January 21, 2021

Article by Fuente Latina, Latino California
English Translation

Violins of Hope Debuts Virtual Musical and Theatrical Performances

January 11, 2021

Article by Erin Ben-Moche, Jewish Journal


Shabbat Service

July 03, 2020

Broadcast by Jewish Live Television

California Arts Council Awards Record $30 Million to California's Creative and Cultural Organizations

May 04, 2020

Article by Kimberly Brown,

A Group of Holocaust-era Violins is Helping to Spread Hope & a Powerful Message

March 11, 2020

Article by Anne M. Russell, Ventura Boulevard Magazine

Spotlight Series: Noreen Green

February 19, 2020

Short documentary by the Milken Archive of Jewish Music
Interview by Jeff Janeczko. Narrated by Grant Gottschall.

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