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Jewish Symphony inspires audience at Getty Center

October 30, 1998

Article by Josef N. Feinstein, Heritage Southwest Jewish Press

Nearly 5,000 Attended Acclaimed Israel 50 Celebration

July 1998

Article by Jewish News

Deserving of a Good Conduct(or) Medal

May 22, 1998

Article by Ari L. Noonan, Los Angeles Jewish Times

Symphony Explores Holocaust Themes

April 07, 1998

Article by Josef Woodard, Los Angeles Times

Music in the Dark

April 5, 1998

Article by Nola L. Sarkisian, Westside Weekly

Jewish Symphony Concert Ad

April 02, 1998

Ad in Los Angeles Times


L.A. Jewish Symphony in Concert February 24


Article by Center News


Jewish Symphony Celebrates Diversity

December 5, 1995

Article by Josef Woodard, Los Angeles Times

Shony Alex Braun, a death camp survivor, will perform his ‘Symphony of the Holocaust’

April 28, 1995

Article by James E. Fowler, Los Angeles Times

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